This questionnaire is a tool to help us select the most suitable puppy for you while allowing you to help clarify your thoughts about owning a Leonberger. It also helps you see what sort of things we value in deciding to place one of our beloved puppies in its new home. We know it is lengthy, take your time and please put some thought into it. There are no right or wrong answers. Please answer as honestly as possible. Thank you and we look forward to your responses!

You can download a Microsoft Word version of this form, and email it to us.

If Yes, please state who / why
Please note Daytime hours and Nigh hours
**Note: As we can’t influence the sex or number of pups our bitches will produce, you are more likely to get a pup from us if you are open to either sex. There are not all that many Leos born in the US each year and the division of sex is about half and half although obviously, not in each litter. The females in the breed, although better watch dogs, are easier to live with as teenagers, and usually challenge their owners less than the males who are prone to testosterone surges from around 15-36 months. Males are not a good choice for owners who have not owned a giant breed, intact male before or who might not have strong leadership abilities. The females, while not quite as large and majestic looking as some of the mature males, are beautiful and a lot larger than the dogs most owners have previously owned! (Credit: Ann Rogers of Cherrywood Kennels)